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street food should be simple

Crepes are nostalgic.

Everyone seems to have a little memory linked with them in one way or another. More often than not, we hear about France, specifically Paris. The romance, indeed…

Where crepes are global, the pervasive association always leads back to European origins. To us at Food Cartel, this is most unfortunate. The idea of combining eggs, flour, milk and butter is hardly exclusive to French cuisine. To paraphrase, what is a crepe but a ‘really thin pancake’? In fact, if you order a ‘crêpe’ at Food Cartel, we will politely ask you to Anglicize the pronunciation.

Here, we see the crepe as rooted in our culture. One does not have to traverse the sea to savor ham and cheese—we have that in our own backyard. That’s why Food Cartel sources ingredients locally. Utah has a profound agricultural history and many, many people are carrying on that tradition. To find the best product, therefore, we need only visit our locally owned businesses.

The menu at Food Cartel is based around this local bounty. We do not drive the menu; the season dictates. When local produce is abundant, we preserve all that we can. In as much, the harvest lasts throughout the winter. Our raspberry jam is made of late summer berries from ‘Weeks Berries of Paradise.’ Through a relationship with their farm, we are able to capture warm Utah August evenings year round.

Every crepe we make is a little piece of our state. You can know that your purchase is supporting our community. Each one is made in front of you, from scratch, every time. No preservatives, always organic, and always fresh. At Food Cartel, crepes are always in season.